• Are you hesitant or just downright AFRAID to approach women?

  • Are you frustrated, lonely, and bitter towards women because they don't give you the time of day?

  • Are you CLUELESS as to how attraction works?

  • Do you lack experience, confidence, and BELIEF in yourself when it comes to women and life in general?

  • Do you ever wonder why some guys have "it" and others don't and what that "it" is?

  • Have you ever wondered why so-called "nice guys" not only finish last, but often don't finish at all?

  • Are you oblivious to the signals that interested women give you?

  • Are you constantly rejected by women, sense that something is wrong, but you don't know what?

  • Have you ever seen guys that walk up to women with ease and come away with their phone numbers and wondered how?

  • Are you tired of being in the "friend zone?"

  • Do you know guys that are "naturally" good with women that can't EXPLAIN their effectiveness, compounding your frustration?

  • Are you confused as to WHY women dig Bad Boys?

  • Are you looking for someone to show you "the light" when it comes to dating and seduction?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, as you probably know, you are not alone. Many men are TERRIFIED before and during their interactions with women. They may be very competent and confident in their chosen professions, in sports, and in any other area of their lives, but when it comes to the opposite sex, they are total amateurs. Many men are just downright AWFUL when interacting with women that they're attracted to, and they end up lonely, frustrated, and embittered with no one to turn to for help.  This is where I come in…

My name is Dennis and if you're a man looking for improvement and guidance in this area of your life, I am offering my personal assistance in person as well as via phone - to men in the Chicago area and beyond between the ages of 21 and 45 - to help you improve your ability to attract and confidently interact with the women you desire.  My individual coaching will dramatically improve your seduction as well as your social skills.  Guys, women are everywhere and they want YOU.  All you need is the determination and courage to step out of your comfort zone and take action.  Are you up to it?  Let’s get you started!